What makes 15 Abel different from other creative agencies?

In a market filled with great talent, we’re not hyperfocused on what our competitors are up to. Instead, we hone in on what we love (creating impactful, engaging advertising strategy!) and stay updated on the latest best practices for how to do it. For our clientele, we provide the resources of a large firm with the flexibility, personalization, and passion of a boutique agency.

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Why should I work with an agency and not just hire a freelancer?

An agency is a scalable organization that can handle your company’s needs at any level, from small projects to full-scale solutions. Because every facet of your project is coordinated, managed, and executed under the direction of 15 Abel’s creative director, it remains cohesive and consistent, rather than haphazard.

A dedicated team brings the resources, efficiency, and multidisciplinary expertise your project needs to succeed. Although a single freelancer might be talented in one area, they’re not equipped to handle the multidimensional approach companies need in order to tackle full spectrum assignments. Hiring additional freelancers to make up for this lack of range only undermines the cohesiveness integral to a thriving brand. Therefore, keeping everything in-house allows for the streamlined, efficient, cohesive approach integral to your business's success.

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Why is brand identity so important?

Your brand’s identity is the single most important communicative tool it has.

We know this could sound hyperbolic to you, but think about it for a moment. How often have you been drawn to a brand? Think about the times you’ve been intrigued by an unfamiliar yet snazzy-looking product at the grocery store, judged a bottle of wine by its label, or paused to actually glance at - not scroll past - a compelling ad.

Great branding captivates; terrible branding repels. Customers form opinions about your company or product by its branding alone, long before they step into your office or store, and even before they start doing the research about it online. Most of these first impressions are gained just by glancing at your campaign.

You know your product is great and could compete in the market. That’s why you’re developing it. But your audience, unfortunately, does not...not yet, at least. That’s why we’re here to help. When you’re partnered with a team who knows just how to tap into your audience, your brand has the backing it needs in order to compete with all the others and come in first.

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Why should my brand partner with 15 Abel?

Because we’re obsessed with what we do.

Our passion for our careers makes us focused, conscientious, driven teammates with a genuine desire to go above and beyond for our clients.
Also, because we love our work, we’re about 20% more productive while we’re on the clock.

Your project isn’t just another account to us - it’s our motivation.

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Do you offer Ă  la carte services?

Yes and no. Some of our services we can offer Ă  la carte, but they still require a Research & Discovery phase in order to be effective.

Although it might be nice to make a quick buck by churning out a generic logo and calling it a day, we find that approach irresponsible, and we love what we do too much to do it half-assed. A brand is a delicate ecosystem that requires all its elements to work together strategically and synergistically in order to succeed; therefore, a piecemeal procedure will create inconsistencies that decrease brand trust and drive consumers away.

For the sake of both your business’s longevity and budget, make sure you’re hiring a team that will give your brand the proper care and consideration it deserves. It is always much more cost-effective to do it well the first time.

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Where can I find info on your pricing and rates?

We don’t list standard rates for standard packages simply because there’s no such thing. Your project is a highly unique entity and should be treated as such. If you drop us a line, we'll be able to give you a ballpark estimate as to what your project might cost.

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What services do you not offer?

15 Abel is a creative agency. Creative agencies are often confused with digital marketing agencies, but, while there’s some overlap, these two entities have mostly different offerings.

As a creative agency, we develop and execute creative strategy and content, whereas digital marketers focus on driving viewership rates for said content. Marketing companies need creative agencies - after all, it’s hard to increase engagement on content that isn’t even engaging to begin with!

For our clients, we offer branding, design, content creation, and research & development services. We don’t handle social media management, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, or inbound marketing, but we can refer you to some great folks who do.

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I'd love to work together. How can we get started?

Reaching out is easy! Get in touch with us, and we'll get the ball rolling.

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